Workabooks: everything for homework!

  • Everything you need for primary school homework in literacy and mathematics
  • Designed for Years 2 to 6
  • Bought and issued by schools
  • Each child has their own book
  • Enough homework for up to 30 weeks in one subject
  • Curriculum based
  • Complies with the Revised Primary National Strategies for literacy and mathematics
Mathematics year 2Mathematics year 3Mathematics year 4Mathematics year 5Mathematics year 6 Literacy year twoLiteracy year threeLiteracy year fourLiteracy year fiveLiteracy year six

Workabook benefits:

  • Reduces teacher time spent on homework
  • Homework that complements classwork
  • Parents can participate and give feedback
  • Children can see their own progress over the year
  • Workabooks make homework special!
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